Cycle accurate NES/Famicom emulator.

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Building nesemu2 from source.

Simple instructions for building nesemu2 from source.

Step 1: Get the source.

To get the latest source, ensure you have git installed and clone the repository.

  $ git clone

This will download the source to the current directory in a directory named 'nesemu2'.

Step 2: Build nesemu2.

Change to the directory of the source and build it by issuing the 'make' command.

  $ cd nesemu2
  $ make

To build the SDL target, no additional options are required. The makefile should auto-detect your OS. If you are cross compiling for Win32 you should use OSTARGET=WIN32 to force the makefile to use the Win32 system. Regarding Win32 you can disable SDL and use the win32api for the GUI by passing USESDL=0. For example


Step 3: Install nesemu2 and its data.

nesemu2 comes with additional data in the repository such as:

All of this data is contained in the 'resources' directory. Running the following command will install nesemu2 and the included data. The binary is installed into /usr/bin and the shared data will go into /usr/share/nesemu2

  $ sudo make install